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Dior Holiday studio design Maud Vantours campaign set design paper art Paris

Dior Christmas 2023

Maud Vantours is a contemporary designer and artist whose work is primarily focused on creating sculptural paper artworks. Her distinctive style combines design, sculpture, graphics, and color to produce visually captivating and unique pieces.

Paper Sculpture: Maud is renowned for her mastery of paper sculpture, a technique that enables her to craft complex three-dimensional forms from simple sheets of paper. Her paper creations push the boundaries of this medium by exploring depth, visual effects, and volumetric shape. Maud Vantours’ works are regularly exhibited in art galleries and at artistic events.

In 2017, Maud launched her eponymous studio in Paris.

The Maud Vantours studio is a blend of art, design, and craftsmanship. Starting from a blank canvas, the studio can develop a specific artistic direction, project mock-ups, technical development, and see through to realization and installation.

Scenography: The studio collaborates with luxury houses to create custom scenographic settings for stores, events, and exhibitions. All types of materials are considered to create the most impactful visual effect in line with the project.

Set Design: The studio produces various specific sets for campaign photography.

Graphic Design: With a strong attachment to drawing and graphic design, the studio can develop visual identity projects, logos, monograms, and patterns.

Maud Vantours and the studio are committed to environmental preservation, aiming to create settings as much as possible from recycled and/or recyclable materials. Maud repurposes a significant portion of material scraps from projects in the creation of her sculptures.