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Maud establishes her design studio in Paris, specializing in the custom development of decor and scenography with a preferred material being paper. But not only…

Her work, and more broadly that of the studio, is to create universes and translate them into volume and material.

The studio is committed to creativity; we are constantly searching to develop new aesthetics through volumes, supports, techniques, and materials, in the service of creation.

The studio lies at the intersection of art, design, and craftsmanship because we are in a unique and bespoke creation process, anchored in a contemporary vision and whose production calls for specific know-how, often manual, which we ourselves carry out.

In the studio, we execute our cuts and assemble models, sculptures, flowers, in paper for which we develop projects.

We collaborate with a large number of French and international luxury houses. Our expertise extends to the beauty, jewelry, watchmaking, and spirits sectors.

The studio is multidisciplinary; our skills range from creating custom decors for scenography, set design, paper art, communication through graphic design, and packaging.

The decors we create are in harmony with the place that will host them but above all with the identity, the universe of the house for which they are deployed.

We consider a showcase or scenography as a 3-dimensional painting, a theatrical representation, a mise en abîme around a product.

Showcases embody the brand and serve as a communication vector to extend the brand’s identity.

We are committed to optimization with an ecological focus. Thanks to our preferred material, paper, which is one of the most recyclable materials par excellence.

We optimize material orders to limit waste. Waste, in turn, is reused for models or for sculpture production.

The studio works with the maximum number of local partner providers, often in Île de France or in France.